Worx WG520

Worx WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower

 Worx is a well-known brand in the market or power, lawn and garden equipments. This includes leaf blowers as well. Most of its products are hot selling in the market.

In this article, we will review the Worx WG520, which is a corded electric leaf blower.

Why go for an electric leaf blower?

Before we dive deep into what Worx WG520 is, the question is why you should prefer an electric leaf blower over the gas-powered one. We won’t be talking about the walk behind leaf blowers as they are mostly used in a commercial setting.

The first issue with a gas leaf blower is the cost. They are very expensive (not just slightly) compared to their electric counterparts. They also require heavy maintenance in the form of changing the oil every now and then.

If all this was not enough to scare you, a gas leaf blower makes a lot of noise which can be not only a problem for you and your family but also the neighbors. You might protector yourself with an ear protector (hyperlink the ear protector article), but what about others?

electric leaf blower benefits

Also, since the blower is gas-operated, it emits fumes which, at times, might be harmful to you, especially if there are toddlers in the house.

On the contrary, an electric leaf blower cuts down all this fuss. It doesn’t require maintenance from time to time, as well as doesn’t emit any toxic gases or make a sound.

All this not only gives everyone peace of mind but also saves money, which would otherwise have gone into maintenance (and also ear protectors).

Worx WG520The Worx WG520

Now we know why an electric leaf blower is a much better investment than gas and a walk-behind leaf blower, let’s talk about the Worx WG520. It is a corded handheld electric leaf blower with a beautiful design and an equally amazing efficiency. All these features come at an impressive price.


High Power, High Efficiency!

The amazing efficiency that we mentioned earlier is due to the wide nozzle, high 600 CFM and 110 MPH of the turbine, and a big jet turbine power.  All this means that the leaf blower shoots out high-pressure air, which blows away the leaves quickly. The wide nozzle also allows you to reach large areas in one go.

Variable Power Control

 Power Control of WORX WG250The variable power control feature comes as a relief. It perfectly complements the high power of the blower and is another reason why we call the Worx 520 an efficient machine.

The feature is very helpful when using the leaf blower to remove some hard material like pebbles or even wet leaves. It also means you can use the machine for other tasks like blowing away snow and dirt from your car.

The best part about this feature is that there is a knob to control the speed, unlike a trigger that you have to hold continuously.

Above all, there is an attachable nozzle that can be used to direct all the air at a single point. This is another feature that will be helpful while blowing away hard material.


Ergonomic Design

The most amazing part is yet to come. Even with sheer power, the Worx WG520 weighs a mere 6.4 lbs. What that means is that you can use the blower with just one hand. Yes, one hand only!

Not only the weight, but the ergonomic design also makes the Worx WG520 easy to use with one hand. The leaf blower has dimensions of 9.6 by 11 by 40. The handle is very comfortable with minimum vibration, which greatly reduces the stress on the hands and the entire body.


The Drawback

As with every leaf blower, the Worx also has a few drawbacks.

First and foremost, due to being corded in nature, there is limited manoeuvrability. You might need to use an extension. Even if your lawn is of small size, the cord might be a problem if your way or be tangled, which can be irritating.

When operated at full power, the battery only works for 15 minutes before you need to recharge it. You might not need to operate the leaf blower at full throttle in most scenarios, meaning you can expect it to operate for a much longer time.

Also, you can extend the 15-minute time by purchasing an extra battery. Obviously, this would require additional investment but is much better than waiting for the leaf blower to recharge before you can use it again. Convenience comes at a cost, isn’t it?

The Overall Impression

The high power combined with the low weight and ergonomic design makes the Worx WG520 a perfect leaf blower for someone looking for luxury at an affordable price. And it comes with a three year warranty. What else does one need?

The quality of material used in the construction of the body is another reason to fall in love with the machine. Worx is known for the quality of its products, and the WG520 doesn’t disappoint at all.

The only limitations are the short battery life and the cord, but considering other impressive features, this leaf blower is worth a try.

man blowing leafs with WORX WG250 LEAF BLOWER

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