Leaf Blower Attachments

Leaf Blower Attachments – 5 Must-Have Attachments For Your Blower

If you have a backyard, chances are you will have a blower. As such, you would need a leaf blower attachment at some point in your life. We say this because these attachments make your work easier.

They will also allow you to perform a lot of tasks other than blowing leaves. So let’s find out what they are!

Top 5 Leaf Blower Attachments

1. Collection Bags

Collection Bag Of Leaf BlowerYou might be wondering why one requires a collection bag when we are blowing away the leaves and not collecting it. There are two reasons for this.
First and foremost, many leaf blowers come with a vacuum cleaner facility as well. This vacuum shred leaves and other debris into pieces before collecting them into the bag.
So, you see, this leaf blower attachment is necessary for the collection of the shredded pieces. You need not always throw away this waste. It can also function as a compost.

Secondly, you can use the vacuum for your daily household cleaning tasks a well. In this case, as well, you will need the collection bags to gather all the dirt.

Contrary to popular belief, these bags can be conveniently opened and cleaned. They are extremely lightweight and hence easy to move from one place to another. Some even come with a strap, which further makes it easy to carry from one place to another.


2. Gutter Cleaning Kits

Leaf blower gutter cleaning KitsThese leaf blower gutter attachments come in handy when you want to blow the wet leaves from the gutter. With the attachment, you won’t have to bend a lot or sit on the ground for the entire cleaning process.
These attachments are also helpful for cleaning the gutter using a leaf blower on the roof or at some higher place. You no longer have to use a stool or a ladder to climb. Just use the attachment, and you can easily reach these above ground gutters.

Nowadays, these leaf blower gutter attachments are supplied by many major leaf blower brands. The best thing is that many gutter cleaning kits come with a shoulder strap as well, which allows an individual to carry the blower on the back.

The attachments come in a varying number of tubes. This could be anywhere from 2 to 6, depending on which model you purchase. These tubes can be easily assembled and removed.


3. Leaf Collection Hose

Leaf Collection HoseA leaf collection hose is something that can be used in place of a collection bag that we discussed earlier.

This hose is used to directly dispose of leaves in the trash can instead of collecting them at some corner of the lawn. The best part is that you can find standard hoses that can be used with any leaf blower. Therefore, if any manufacturer is not offering them, you can always purchase it separately.
So now, you have the option of collecting all the debris in the collection bag or disposing of it directly in the trash can with the help of the leaf collection hose.


4. Nozzle

A nozzle is one of the most essential parts of the leaf blower. We say this because this leaf blower attachment determines the speed of the machine’s air.

All types of nozzles can be classified into three categories:

Nozzle of leaf blower

1. Flattened Nozzle

This nozzle is best for blowing away the leaves within a small radius. This is because of the flattened tip. Therefore, if you have a small yard, this nozzle might be the best one for you.

2. U-shaped Nozzle

These nozzles are mainly used for clearing gutters.

3. Round-shaped Nozzle

These are the most common types of nozzles and are available with (almost) all leaf blowers. They are ideal for all types of work: blowing leaves in a small radius or a large area, clearing the walkways, and even gutters in some cases.


5. Shoulder Straps

We discussed the shoulder strap for a collection bag. This one is specifically for the leaf blower. A shoulder strap makes your work easy by freeing your one hand.

There are a few leaf blowers that come with a shoulder strap. For others, you can easily purchase them separately. However, make sure that the leaf blower is lightweight. Otherwise, it might strain your back muscles.

Leaf blower Shoulder Straps

These were different leaf blower attachments that can make your life (and blowing leaves off course) easy. As you read, many attachments are available by default with the blower. For others, you can conveniently purchase them from the market. They cost a few bucks.

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