How To Use A Leaf Blower

How To Use A Leaf Blower

Fall is considered a gorgeous and colorful season. The changing color of trees from orange to red to yellow is a sight for sore eyes. Nature seems to transpire its beauty. These sights are mesmerizing.

Amidst all these magnificent moments, the leaves start to fall and fill up your yard in no time. Instead of grumbling over it, the best strategy is to pick up a leaf blower and blow away all the mess.

How To Use A Leaf Blower – A Complete User’s Guide

No matter how excruciating it sounds, clearing away the debris of your yard is an easy endeavor. The only trick is to know how to use a leaf blower effectively. Believe me, it is a lot easier than you think.

In this article, we share some simple yet powerful leaf blower techniques. So, let’s find them out.

Choosing The Right Leaf Blower

There is a slew of leaf blowers in the market with varying features. As such, it is common to pick up the wrong machine. Instead of crying over the spilled milk, it is better to select the right machine at the start.

You need to have a holistic view of the yard and the sort of work you are expecting in order to make a good selection. For example, have a look at the yard size and whether you require blowing leaves that are dry or wet, among other things.

The above factors will help you pick up a leaf blower of the right size, power, and type (backpack, cordless, rollover, etc.).

Be Wary of Local Regulations

This might seem trivial but needs to be looked upon if you want to avoid getting into hot water.

The thing you need to check is your local regulation for sound levels. A few leaf blowers have loud sounds, and many cities have a cap on the sound level. Additionally, many areas have formulated their own noise level guidelines. Make sure to look out for them as well.

Work Smarter Not harder

I know you have heard this statement a billion times, but the irony is that the majority don’t apply it in their daily life and tasks.

So, what does it mean to act smarter when blowing leaves?

Instead of using the blower to clear away the leave as soon as it falls from the tree, wait until you have a pile of them. Otherwise, you will go nuts in no time.

We don’t mean to wait until every inch of your garden is filled up. Instead, you can use a rake or just pick up the leaves by hand if there are few of them — Reserve your leaf blower for large tasks or clearing up the mess around tight spaces.

Take Necessary Safety Measures

When we talk about how to use a leaf blower, safety is paramount.

  • Don’t forget to wear eye protection equipment as small ticks and other miniature debris can get into your eyes easily.
  • Even if you are using a low decibels leaf blower, it is recommended to use ear protectors. The reason being, that prolonged usage of even quiet leaf blowers can damage hearing. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Also, if you are using a powerful leaf blower, make sure to protect your clothes as they might get sucked in.
  • Last but not least, keep your leaf blowers away from the reach of the children. Though are many safety features incorporated in the machine, like prevention from an accidental start, it is better to store the leaf blower out of reach of children.

These were some essential tips on how to pick up leaves. The list is not exhaustive, and you need to keep many things in mind if you want to blow leaves efficiently.

As you have seen, these tips are simple to implement yet of high importance. There is no rocket science, but your work gets a lot easier if you follow these small tips.

Happy leaf blowing!

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