how to choose a leaf blower

What to look for when choosing a leaf blower?

Leaf blowers are a wonderful thing to have. Everyone knows that they can blow away the leaves. However, do you know they come in handy in a lot more circumstances?

For example, some blowers come with a vacuum cleaner so you can use them to perform the usual vacuuming tasks. Others can be helpful to clean the gutters and blow away the snow Yes, you read it right. All this is possible.

These things would come as a relief as now you can get a lot more value from your leaf blower. But the question is how to select one which is best suited for these tasks?

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Leaf Blower

If you are purchasing the blower for the first time, there might be a lot of questions going on in the head. Which leaf blower should I go for? Electric, backpack, or walk behind leaf blower? What do CFM and MPH mean? How much power is ideal for me?

Even if you have used a leaf blower before, these questions can get overwhelming. Therefore, we created this guide on how to choose a leaf blower to address all your queries.

So read on!

Selecting the right type of leaf blower

We have earlier discussed in detail on the different types of leaf blowers. Now the question is which one of those is best for me? A quick answer is that it all depends upon your needs. Let’s explore further on this

  1. Small Yard

In a small yard, there isn’t much space to cover. Therefore, you need a leaf blower with the lowest possible power. Thus, handheld blowers would suffice in this case. These are ultra-lightweight and easy to carry and are the best choice for your small yard.

  1. Medium Yard

For a medium-sized lawn, you need to choose a leaf blower with a little more power compared to a small yard. In this scenario, a backpack leaf blower would suffice.

As the name suggests, they can be carried on the back. These are cordless blowers so you can manoeuvre them without any hassle. They have higher power than a handheld blower and as a result, are also nosier comparatively. However, the noise isn’t deafening so shouldn’t pose a problem to most people.

  1. Large Sized Yards

Finally comes the large size to ultra-large lawns. Since there is a lot of areas to be covered, you would need a leaf blower with higher horsepower.

A walk-behind leaf blower will be handy for these types of lawns. These are ultra-powerful and gigantic sized leaf blowers that are even used in commercial spaces.

The downside is they are expensive and produce a lot of noise. In fact, many areas in the USA have placed limits on the sounds levels (decibels) that are allowed in the area. Therefore, you need to use a walk-behind leaf blower with extreme caution. Also, don’t forget to use ear protectors.

Unless you have a very large area to be covered, we recommend using a backpack leaf blower. It should be more than enough to cover your needs.

What to consider when purchasing a leaf blower?

Now you know what types of leaf blowers are best under what circumstances, next to figure out is what features to look for when purchasing a leaf blower?

In this section, we will discuss some of the most important things that must be taken into consideration. Note that this list is not exhaustive.

  1. Noise Levels

As mentioned in the previous section, some leaf blowers come with a considerable level of noise which can not only be disturbing for you but also for the neighbours. You might protect yourself by using ear protectors, but what about people in your surroundings?

Therefore, you may go with battery-powered leaf blowers which are the quietest of all. Whereas, gas-powered ones make the most noise.

This is because gas-powered blowers have large motors that produce the sound when in use. You can still get some gas-powered blowers with the smaller motor, but these are only a handful in number.

  1. Speed Adjuster

This isn’t something which is discussed often, but you must be taken into consideration when using a leaf blower.

When you are using a leaf blower to blow leaves, you will come across some hard material as well. To blow it away, you need to increase the speed of the blower. Not only for leaves, but you might also need increased speed for cleaning away the gutters and blowing away the snow among other tasks.

  1. Power

A leaf blower will be of no use if it doesn’t have the required power to blow leaves or perform other tasks. However, most people have a flawed concept of power. They think that higher power means higher efficiency. That is not entirely true.

To correctly understand power, one needs to understand the concept of CFM (Cubic Feet Per minute) and MPH (Miles Per Hour). You can check out our detailed guide on these concepts here.

In short, CFM measures how much air (quantity) is coming out of the leaf blower in one minute (per minute) while MPH is a measure of how fast (speed) air comes out of the leaf blower at a constant speed.

CFM is the most important of the two as it determines how far can the machine can blow away the leaves.  On the other hand, MPH calculates how fast air is coming out of the nozzle. If MPH is higher, but CFM is lower, the faster speed of the air won’t be very useful.

However, you need to ensure a balance between a lot of difference between the two figures mean something is wrong with the blower.

Usually, gas leaf blowers are most powerful, but nowadays you can also find electric blowers with significant power. Whichever type of blower you choose, make sure to understand the concept of CFM and MPH correctly.

The Price of the Leaf Blower

Finally, we discuss one of the most important considerations of the leaf blower, I.e. the price.

What price you should pay for the blower depends upon the level of convenience desired. For example, a cordless leaf blower will cost higher than a gas-powered one. This is because the former provides the convenience of using the machine without a cord.

Similarly, if you buy a machine with just a leaf blower, that will be cheaper compared to the one which comes with a vacuum as well. Hence, you need to see what are your requirements and which blower perfectly suits that.


This was all about how to choose a leaf blower that perfectly suits your need. As you read, there are numerous choices available in the market. Consequently, you need to deeply analyze your requirements and figure out the best-suited model.

We hope this guide will be helpful in your decision-making journey.


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