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5 Best Leaf Blower Brands of 2020

Selecting the best leaf blower brands is not an easy task. You have so many brands to choose from. Each one seems better than the previous one.

All these options can not only be overwhelming for a new buyer, but also for someone who is planning to replace his existing leaf blower.

As such, we have created a list of the top 5 Best leaf blower brands of 2020 that are worth considering.

Top 5 Best Leaf Blower Brands List

All these leaf blower brands have been there in the market for a long time. As such, they are reputable and offer a variety of options for leaf blowers.

So let’s explore a bit more about them!

  1. toro leaf blower brandToro

The Toro brand has been there for over a century (106 years to be exact). Over the years, it has built its image as a brand which offers reliable and easy to use leaf blowers.

Therefore, if you have ever thought that leaf blowers are very complicated to use, Toro might be the best choice.  Whatever type of blower you choose, it will be easy to use and will come with lots of amazing features.

The best part is that the pricing for Toro leaf blowers starts from as low as $40 and goes up to $200. So if you are buying a blower for the first time, you can experiment with a $40 equipment to see if this is something that suits you or not.


  1. Echo

Echo leaf blower brandIf you are looking for leaf blowers that you can use for a long time without getting exhausted, the Echo leaf blowers might be the best choice.

The brand is known for providing the best in class blowers with a keen focus on convenience. For example, many blower come with shoulder straps, secure pipe connections, and ergonomic body design, and comfortable handles. All this makes cleaning the lawn easy and effortless.

Additionally, many blowers come with complimentary parts and accessories which reduce maintenance costs. The high power of the Echo blowers complements the convenient features.


  1. worx leaf blower brandWorx

Worx is renowned for offering innovative leaf blowers, one that is highly efficient, faster, and as a result, gets the work done in the quickest possible time.

As a result of their innovative approach, most Worx leaf blowers are powerful enough to perform more than one job. For example, the Worx WG520 electric blower can not only blow leaves but also helps in removing debris from driveways, cleaning the gutter, and blowing away snow.

Apart from the innovative products, customer service is also the hallmark of Worx, which handles more than 1700 calls and 700 emails/live chats during a peak season.

This is an impressive feat!


  1. Greenworks

greenworks leaf blowerGreenworks is considered a market leader in battery-powered leaf blowers. The brand offers both commercial and residential leaf blowers. This ensures that you have the right product for the right task.

As all leaf blowers offered by Greenworks are battery powered, they are environment friendly and quiet while operating. Therefore, if you are fed up with the loud noise of gas-powered (and other types of) leaf blowers and are also conscious of the environment, Greenworks might be the best choice for you. All these advantages come without compromising the performance of the blower.


  1. Makita leaf blowerMakita

Just like the Toro brand, Makita is also a hundred year old company and is now considered a global brand with a presence in over 40 countries. Over the years, Makita has developed its image as a provider of performance driven, powerful, and reliable leaf blowers.

If you are a frequent user of leaf blowers, you must have heard of brushless motors in the machine. These motors are much more effective than other types. Makita was one of the first brands that used it in power equipment and then extended it to leaf blowers. This shows the far sightedness of the brand.

Today Makita is recognized worldwide for its high quality leaf blowers that deliver exceptional performance. Therefore, no matter if you want to blow dry or wet leaves, small sized or large leaves, Makita would not disappoint you.

Remember, the brand is more than 100 years old. That alone is enough to prove its capabilities.

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