Best Electric Leaf Blower – [ 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide ]

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB Electric Leaf Blower


Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB Electric Leaf Blower

  • Airspeed of 155MPH
  • Sufficiently lightweight of 3.9lbs

Black+Decker (BV6600) Electric Leaf Blower


Black+Decker (BV6600) Electric Leaf Blower

  • Less noisy of 68 dBA
  • speed ranging from 140 to 250 mph

Greenworks 40V Electric Leaf Blower

Greenworks 40V Electric Leaf Blower

  • Operation time of 30 minutes
  • The lithium-ion battery of 40V



Are you tired of spending long hours just to get rid of all the debris and fallen leaves in your garden? The struggle is real. A garden rake is not much of a help when it comes to a clear large amount of debris. If you are facing the same situation then you need to have the best electric leaf blower as it is the only possible solution to this problem.

An electric leaf blower has got an advantage over a garden rake. Even wider ones are in no way as much efficient as a leaf blower.

A corded garden leaf blower is super convenient when you need to remove sand or snow from your backyard. This is where a typical garden rake falls short of your expectations. You need to exert much more energy and also it is way too time taking. With a leaf blower, all you need to do is to just press a button and let the forceful air current to do the task for you within a couple of minutes.

The leaf blowers can be electric, gas or battery-powered. They come in a variety of sizes, weights, and styles including wheeled, backpack and handheld models. Which one do you need merely depends upon your preferences and the work required.

So, choosing the best electric leaf blower is quite a daunting task.

Rest easy!

We have trimmed down the search for you. All you need to do is to go through this post and pick up the right product considering its pros and cons.


6 Best Electric Leaf Blower


Product Name Feature 1 (Max. Speed) Feature 2 (Air Volume)
Black+Decker (BV6600)250 mph400 CFM
WORX WG520 Turbine 600110 mph 600 CFM
Greenworks 40V Leaf Blower 115 mph 430 CFM
Greenworks 24012 160 mph 150 CFM
Toro 51619 Ultra250 mph 350 CFM
Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB155 mph 260 CFM

1. Black+Decker (BV6600) Electric Leaf Blower and Leaf Vacuum

This amazing device is a 3 in 1 gadget securing all your needs in just one place and so leading the list of the best electric leaf blower. The BV6600 blower is designed such that you can use it single-handedly. You should consider buying this product if you want to have a blower, vacuum, and mulcher as it gives the functionality of all three with much less price. That is why this electric leaf blower reviews are way better than most of its competitors.

The Black+Decker (BV6600) features a high blowing power of about 250 mph. This will allow you to clean your garden area in the blink of an eye. This electric gadget is a blower, vacuum, and a mulcher and so it will help you to blow the leaves first and then the vacuum will suck them all at once. The high-impact metal fan will help you to finely grind the leaves without clogging the grinder. Given below is a complete list of the astounding features along with its potential pros and cons.



  • Reusable Leaf bag
  • 3 in 1 feature
  • Less noisy of 68 dBA
  • Variable speed ranging from 140 to 250 mph
  • Mulch Ratio of 16:1

Pros & Cons


  • Less time taking
  • 3 in 1 blower, vacuum, and mulcher
  • Variable speed settings
  • Lightweight of 8.1 lbs


  • Hard to assemble



2. WORX WG520 Turbine 600 Electric Leaf Blower

WORX WG520 is the best corded leaf blower with amazing features. Its Turbine 600 technology pumps out air with amazing speed making it the most powerful electric leaf blower. This technology renders it to be the best electric leaf blower available in the market. This product is known for its robustness. Not only it makes your task easier to get rid of all debris but also it will do the job at a much greater speed as compared to the rest of the products.

Another great feature is that this device is extremely lightweight which enables you to handle it single-handedly. This will also prevent a stain in your back while working with leaf blowers for a long time. The WORX WG520 Turbine 600 enables you to set different blowing speeds depending upon the type of debris. You can increase its blowing speed if the debris consists of dry fallen leaves and decrease it to deal with sand and dust.



  • Lightweight of 4lbs
  • Turbine600 technology
  • 2-speed options
  • Cord retainer
  • Attachable air nozzle

Pros & Cons


  • The product has a weight of 6.4lbs.
  • Cord remains connected due to retainer.
  • Amazing air thrust withTurbine600 technology.


  • The back opening needs to be clean.



3. Greenworks 40V Electric Leaf Blower

The list of the best electric blower is incomplete without mentioning Greenworks’ amazing 40V leaf blower. Now you do not need to carry around messy cords as the product is powered by a 40 volts 2Ah lithium-ion battery. The battery provides sufficient power to blow air at an amazing volume of almost 430 CFM and 115 MPH wind speed.

The device generates less noise and less vibration despite its bigger size. The stunning battery life allows it to work for straight 30 minutes that is enough to clean about half an acre of the area making it the best electric leaf blower. The battery takes about 1 to 2 hours to get fully charged. Its variable speed is enabled by cruise control feature to get an optimized air control.



  • Amazing air pressure
  • Brushless motor
  • Variable speed
  • Operation time of 30 minutes
  • The lithium-ion battery of 40V

Pros & Cons


  • Brushless motors are reliable and give more power.
  • Cruise control allows optimized speed.
  • It features less power consumption.


  • The battery needs to be charged before usage.



4. Greenworks 24012 Single Speed Electric Blower

Another great invention by green works is its 24012 electric leaf blower. This best corded leaf blower comes at a pretty reasonable price. The product is best for blowing in comparatively smaller areas. The reason it is considered the best electric leaf blower is that it delivers quality results despite its amazingly low price.  As it is a corded leaf blower so you do not need to charge it before usage. Just plug in the cord and you are all set to do the job.

This product is pretty easy to carry around due to its lightweight of just 4.5lbs. Its long air tube prevents back strain as you do not have to bend down while using it. The device operates at a single speed but this speed is quite appropriate to remove fallen leaves within a matter of moments.



  • Corded leaf blower
  • Lightweight of 5lbs
  • No vibration
  • Cord lock
  • Airspeed of 160 miles/hour

Pros & Cons


  • It comes in a reasonable price range.
  • The product is extremely lightweight
  • It is being approved by energy-star.


  • This product is a bit noisier than others.



5. Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vac

Toro 51619 is another great 3 in 1 best electric leaf blower with improved mulching technology. The blower first blows the debris to a place from where you can use its vacuum mode to draw all the junk in. Lastly, the mulcher will grind the leaves at once hence making it easy to dispose of the debris away.

This best corded leaf blower blows at 350 CFM air volume which is quite enough to move tough particles out of the way. In both vacuum and blowing modes, you can adjust airspeed depending on the current situation. This allows you to have complete control over its operation and so you get the desired results.



  • Metal impeller
  • Vacuum, blower, and mulching
  • 88% of debris reduction
  • Zipper bag
  • Ease of storage
  • Blower to vacuum

Pros & Cons


  • Cord lock keeps it attached while blowing.
  • Better mulching through the metal impeller.
  • Variable speed for both blower and vacuum.


  • The metal impeller is heavy and generates noise.



6. Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB Electric Leaf Blower

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB is another best electric leaf blower at a very reasonable price. It is a simple blower that blows air with great pressure and amazing speed. You can use this device for as long as you want with fast, precise and efficient results. So if you need a simple leaf blower for your backyard then this device is all you need.

You do not need to go heavy for cleaning fallen leaves from your gardens, patios or driveways. This gadget is supremely lightweight and hence it is a popular choice among elderly people. You can take it almost anywhere or work for long hours without getting tired. It is definitely a better choice than a garden rake.



  • Airspeed of 155MPH
  • Easy storage
  • The powerful motor of 155 MPH
  • Sufficiently lightweight of 9lbs

Pros & Cons


  • It has a no-load speed of 12,000/13,500RPM.
  • Powerful 6amp motor delivers the best results.
  • The extremely lightweight of 3.9 pounds.


  • Not ideal for relatively large areas.



Best Electric Leaf Blower Buying Guide


If you are still in a hassled state then consider below points before purchasing the right leaf blower.


Gas Vs Electric:

Though there are many gas leaf blowers available in the market still it’s better to choose the electric ones. These are lightweight, require less maintenance and definitely environment-friendly.


Always Check Noise:

Every product comes with a noise label that specifies the noise generated by that product in decibels. Try to avoid noisier products and bring environment-friendly devices.


Consider Your Requirements:

Before making a purchase you need to consider your backyard or terrain size and your available budget. If you just need a good blower for yard then you can have the simpler ones at affordable price. If you want that 3 in 1 product then you have to compromise on your budget.


Corded And Cordless Blowers:

Corded ones are best to use for long hours while cordless leaf blowers are good at saving energy.


Lightweight Leaf Blowers:

If you do not want to carry heavy weight blowers then consider a lightweight product from the above-given leaf blowers. Also, lightweight electric leaf blowers with ergonomic design put less strain on your hands and back.


Frequently Asked Questions

How To Find The Best Electric Leaf Blower?

Before spending your money, you need to check your yard size, budget along with the weight and noise produced by the device. Choosing the right product depends all upon your requirements and the situation you are dealing with.


CFM Or MPH What To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Leaf Blower?

CFM specifies the air volume allowed by your blower in cubic feet per minute whereas MPH corresponds to airspeed measured in miles per hour. If your blower has high airspeed and volume then you will get the work done in a small time and get better results. Thus consider both factors to get the right product.


Dou You Really Need An Electric Leaf Blower?

Well, it depends upon your preferences. A garden rake might be a good choice if you love to exercise more or have enough time or if you cannot afford an electric blower. On the other hand, if you have to clean a wide area or if you need some device that can get rid of all the debris through a vacuum and a mulcher then only the best electric leaf blower can save your time and energy.


To Sum Up,

Buying an electric leaf blower was not an easy task, however, after this comprehensive guide you can end up having a worthy blower. Moreover, with the assistance of the above best electric leaf blower reviews, you can choose the one that goes best with the requirements of your backyard.

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