6 Benefits of Using Leaf Blower

Imagine stepping into your beautiful lawn for the usual evening tea break only to find it engulfed with dry leaves. Although it is a common sight in winters, yet it doesn’t have any good memories. Reasons being it takes hours to clean the scattered leaves and give the lawn it’s original look. But there ought to be a solution for dealing with this mess in a less tiring way.The solution is to use a leaf blower. A leaf blower has a lot of advantages over the traditional rake. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits.

Benefits of Using a Leaf Blower

Following are the benefits of using leaf blower for your lawn

1. Prevents health-related complications

One of the main reasons why people hate cleaning their yard using the rake is that it makes you tired easily and leads to back pain, among other problems.
On the other hand, a leaf blower is designed in a way to reduce the pressure on your arms and entire body. Therefore, you can use it for a long time, and it won’t lead to muscle strain.
Another way that the leaf blower avoids any health problem is by maintaining the balance of the machine. The blower remains well balanced, even if you are using a powerful fan. That means you need to apply less effort to clean the lawn.

2. Work done in half (or even lesser) the time

As we mentioned above, a leaf blower uses a powerful fan to blow away the leaf. Some leaf blowers also have suction power, just like a vacuum cleaner. You can use it to collect the leaf in a bag and then empty it.
All this means you can clean your yard in a fraction of a second compared to the rake.

3. They are a versatile equipment

Most of you are unaware that a leaf blower can be used for a lot more things than cleaning the leaves.
Some blowers are two in one machine as they come with a vacuum cleaner as well. That means you can use them to perform the daily vacuuming task.

Another use is to clean the snow: both heavy and light snow with ease. You no longer have to depend on the rake for clearing away the snow.
Last but not least, a leaf blower is also very helpful in removing the tree stump. After you have cut down the tree, the stump remains unmoved. Moreover, there is a lot of debris that is left behind.
A leaf blower can be helpful to not only unearth the tree stump but also remove all debris. Remember to use a powerful blower, or else it is no use.

4. Clean difficult to reach areas

A rake has a long handle with a broad front. That limits its reach. On the other hand, a lot of leaf blowers come with a thin and long flex tube, which is helpful in cleaning leaves around tight areas.

5. Use throughout the year, in any season

You are familiar that using a rake while it is pouring is not a good idea as the rain can damage the rake over time. That is because rust begins to form on a wet rake.
Moreover, it won’t be wise to use a rake in windy weather as most of your time would be spent chasing the leaves. Even if you manage to do so successfully, where will you gather the leaves?
A leaf blower is an answer to all your woes. It is weather-resistant and sucks the leaves and collects them in the storage bag. Therefore, whatever is the weather outside, you can conveniently use the blower to clean your backyard—no more waiting for the sun to come out.

6. Easy to carry around

You need to carry the rake throughout the lawn cleaning process. This is tiresome. And if your rake is heavy, you will lose your stamina after a mere few minutes.
On the contrary, you can use backpack leaf blowers to clean the lawn conveniently. Even if you use a handheld blower, they are ultra-lightweight, and you won’t feel an iota of stress even after using it for hours.
Isn’t that great?
These were some of the benefits of using a leaf blower over a traditional rake. Though you will need to spend some more bucks to purchase a leaf blower compared to a rake, the convenience it brings with it is worth the investment.


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